Mar. 5th, 2015


Mar. 5th, 2015 03:17 pm
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Adam and I went to the local America's Best Eyewear places so Adam could get new not-scratched glasses. And while he was getting his eye exam, I asked about one for myself. See, that place always has a "sale" that does two frames, any frames, for $70 that comes with  free eye exam. Of course, the lenses are not included, and depending on your prescription and if you want Transitions, it can run up to $250. And if you only do the eye exam, it's $70. So while chatting with the receptionists, I filled out a form and scheduled an appointment for the 13th, right after I get my disability payment. I could probably put this into my medical expenses for next year.
When I consider the overall deal compared to getting glasses from Zenni Optical website, it basically comes out the same. One pair of online glasses, frame plus prescription lens plus tints, costs me almost $60.

I could just get the $70 eye exam during my appointment and then go online for two pairs of glasses for around less than $120. Going to the store and getting the exam, two frames, and lenses, would cost somewhere around $270 due to my insanely high prescription,. I've already seen two frames I adore, though.

I've got some time to think.


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