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Hello from the LJ user formerly known as BrightRoseFox.
Due to a complex thingy involving problems with emails and such, I have changed my LJ name, my yahoo name, and my gmail name.
Everything is now BrightLotusMoon.
If you know me well enough, you know why I am now BrightLotusMoon.
So, yeah. Just FYI.

Dear Lovelies:
Not only am I feeling so much better, I truly believe I am worth everything that people say I am. I've been getting messages, emails, phone calls, and comments from friends who have told me what I mean to them. I've been amazed and heartened and lifted and joyous.
I may be a moonlight witch, but I can't access the magic of the moon without accessing the magic of the sun. And the moon is always there, her power full constantly.
I feel bright and powerful and in full bloom, like a great lotus blossom beneath the full moon.
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When did the Livejournal layout change so drastically? I'm just getting used to it. It feels kind of like some of the Tumblr blogs I've seen, just less irritating.

New Friends

May. 2nd, 2014 12:07 am
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Hallo, new friends. I've been friended by a bunch of people in the past couple of weeks. Could those new friends step forward and comment on how they found me, why they friended me, and if we'd met in another online media or forum? Because, you know, memory problems. If we met on Facebook, can you tell me your name, or at least part of your Facebook name? Cool.
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Oh my gods.
No, I do not think I will ever watch "Hannibal" - but I will happily and eagerly read the recapping reviews.
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Admittedly, I did not know some of these.

People all over have been saying that LJ might be dying. I don't believe that. I never did. I can certainly switch to DW, but LJ has been my safe haven since autumn 2001, way back two usernames ago. Hi, LiveJournal, I still love you.
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 So, I finally, finally, noticed that link thing that tells me to switch to the "new" Friends pages, which a noticed many people complaining about and being angry about and writing rather long posts about how much they dislike it and why and comparing it to sites I've never been to.
And then I scrolled through it.
And so... what's the problem, again?
It's bigger. It's clearer. I can read it more easily. It's... how do I put this... more stretched along the page? With fewer distractions? Is that sense making? I don't know. I honestly an unable to find the problems.
You guys, what are the problems with the New LIveJournal Friends Pages?

Also, my writer block... stagntation? issues? make me cry. I am so stuck at the end of of this one chapter (20? 21? Fuck, I forget) in which the sympathetic villain and the central heroine are in a stalemate and I the writer want the villain to come across as Mentally Interesting Person Who Just Wants To Do The Right Thing And Needs The Help Of The Heroine Except That What He Wants Is To Destroy, Delete, And Reset Reality To His Liking. And a big big important note is that ALL my characters are Mentally Interesting. This is my substitute word for Crazy and Mentally Ill and Disabled. Something is... Not Typical about anyone in my novel. I do not actually come out and name any diagnosis because this is, what, the 2100s, and the DSM has probably evolved into a beast of a book that bites your hand if you get things wrong. Really, the only characters who are most fleshed out as Mentally Interesting/Crazy/Disabled are the Sympathetic Villain and the Central Heroine. Except there's a lot with the Sympathetic Villain. He is quite Delusional and psychotic... but is he a sociopath? A schizophrenic? A schizo-type? Obsessive-Compulsive Personality? Bipolar? Oh, who the fuck cares. He is who he is. And maybe that is part of why I am blocked? Must I give him a Thing with a Name? My Heroine has Severe General Anxiety and Major Depression and PTSD and Epilepsy and Obsessive-Compulsive and Sensory Processing Disorder, Attachment Issues, and and extremely mild Attachment Disorder conflicting with extremely mild Avoidant Disorder.
And now we come to the Why? Why, Joanna the Author, do you have to do this? Why do you want to do this? Why does this matter? What is the point?
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One more name change throughout LiveJournal, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Mail, and Gmail. Feels great.

To try and alleviate the insane muscle spasms and hypertonus that wound through the fibromyalgia like terrible snakes, I started with basic yoga. It didn't help and made the fibromylagia worse, although the mental and meditative aspect helped me relax somewhat. I switched to basic Pilates. It helped in several ways, so I stuck with it for a while. The tension, spasms, and pain reduced enough that I could carry on with my day. I think it would be best for me to do yoga for mental strength and Pilates for physical strength.
(I will still ignore the creepier yoga fanatics who insist that if I only did this pose and that pose I would be cured. That's not how yoga works, and you are not the yogiest yogi to ever yoga in America.)

Tomorrow will involve working on the enovel, reading another book in my pile of To Be Read books, and stretching with both yoga and Pilates techniques.
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I've decided to change my LJ username, since "rosefox8" kept getting mixed up with similar usernames, and I also really wanted a change. Besides, I have always been Bright in so many ways.

Also, I figured out how to change my email accounts and forward everything! If anyone emails my Yahoo or Gmail accounts, they will be sent to my new Gmail and Yahoo accounts. That was easy.
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1. How many of you who are now on Dreamwidth have been cross-posting between here and there? (I find that to be an awesome feature and wish I could do it from LJ to DW.)
2. How many of you are using Dreamwidth completely separate from LiveJournal?
3. How many of you plan on abandoning LiveJournal for Dreamwidth?
4. Have you found any themes beyond the handful that Dreamwidth offers? How long before they start offering more themes?
5. Did you know that you can import stuff from LJ to DW? I love that. You could move your entire damn journal over, tags and profile and friends and entries and all. Except communities.

I'm going to stick with LiveJournal until it it collapses under the weight of eventual stupidity, trolling, and corporate bullcrap. I've had this account since 2001 and feel loyal to it. This is not just a place to post surveys and random bullshitting about my day; I've built a daily history, made dozens of friends, and felt generally accomplished. But as Dreamwidth expands and flourishes, I expect to gravitate more toward that journal, especially if my favorite communities migrate to it.
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[ profile] metaquotes got hit today by a troll posting truly horrific, disgusting, violent, and awful images. After a mod scrambled to delete all the posts and ban the two users (who may have been the same person), I decided to indulge in some healthy paranoia and do a pre-emptive ban strike on the usernames for my own community, [ profile] womenofthemoon. I also went a step further to protect my own eyes and brain, going to Viewing Options and setting image placeholders, just in case it happens again.
So, to anyone on my friends list who moderates a community, here's a little warning.
(Unless, of course, you really do want to see photos of severed human and animal body parts, crudely positioned genitalia, and squicky porn.)


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