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Hello from the LJ user formerly known as BrightRoseFox.
Due to a complex thingy involving problems with emails and such, I have changed my LJ name, my yahoo name, and my gmail name.
Everything is now BrightLotusMoon.
If you know me well enough, you know why I am now BrightLotusMoon.
So, yeah. Just FYI.

Dear Lovelies:
Not only am I feeling so much better, I truly believe I am worth everything that people say I am. I've been getting messages, emails, phone calls, and comments from friends who have told me what I mean to them. I've been amazed and heartened and lifted and joyous.
I may be a moonlight witch, but I can't access the magic of the moon without accessing the magic of the sun. And the moon is always there, her power full constantly.
I feel bright and powerful and in full bloom, like a great lotus blossom beneath the full moon.
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I've randomly started calling the kitten Calliope, mixing up Calliope and Callisto. Adam didn't mind at all. And besides, Calliope is my favorite Greek muse (epic poetry and stories).

Soo, hello again... Calliope.

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I've decided to change my LJ username, since "rosefox8" kept getting mixed up with similar usernames, and I also really wanted a change. Besides, I have always been Bright in so many ways.

Also, I figured out how to change my email accounts and forward everything! If anyone emails my Yahoo or Gmail accounts, they will be sent to my new Gmail and Yahoo accounts. That was easy.
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I just got off the phone with Mom. The daughter of her friend had just given birth to a baby boy. His name? Caid Maverick Diamond.
So, Mom and I got into a conversation about odd-sounding baby names, names that make you smack your face with your palm and wonder what the hell the parents were thinking. And Mom came up with a real gem -- real as in it's actually the name. Decades ago in Brooklyn, Mom's friend taught at an elementary school, and in his class there was a pair of twin girls. The names? Harmonica and Leukemia.
Yes. Two little girls, one of them named after a deadly cancerous disease. Nah, she wasn't teased in the schoolyard at all! /sarcasm
Nice, huh?

I should submit these to
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Awesome Celebrity Baby Names

I swear, I mentally pronounced that that first one as "Te-ah-ti-me". I've been reading too much Terry Prachett (yes, 'Hogfather' is my favorite).

I have to admit, I'm all for an unusual name if it's really pretty and meaningful, like a season, or a flower, or an element of nature, or a mythology. However, I think I would draw the line at Pilot Inspektor, Audio Science, Moxie CrimeFighter, and Seven Sirius.
It's one thing to write a fantasy book for children with silly, funny-sounding names that correspond to a character's personality, as in the HP series. But I feel bad for these children as they grow up and start interacting with peers.
"Wait, what's your name?"
"Pilot Inspektor."
"Pi -- what?"
"Just call me Peter."
"But you just said that your name is Pilot --"
"I said just call me Peter. God, I hate my parents."

In related news, I'm reading "Urban Shaman" by CE Murphy (it's really good). The main character, Joanne Walker, is really named Siobhan Walkingstick -- her mother was Irish, her father was Cherokee. While it sounds beautiful and very unique, I'd name myself Joanne Walker too just to save the hassle.


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