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Adam and I went to Charlotte and Billy's house, since they were home as well. Billy had an appointment with the chiropractor today. He and Charlotte took me with them. Dr. Romano gave me an initial exam. We hit it off immediately. He is awesome. He is also a fantastic chiropractor, and I say that honestly. No tricks, no gimmicks. I know many people dislike chiropractors, but this is a rare one. I will be going in on Saturday with Billy and Charlotte, and Dr. Romano will begin to treat me in earnest. He wants to focus on the fibromyalgia and the issues caused by the cerebral palsy. He also approves of all my supplements and he has studied most of them himself. We chatted, we joked, we bantered, we connected. He also revealed my mild scoliosis -- right above the lordosis -- which I hadn't even known about, and which I probably developed recently. One more issue to work with, then.
Dr. Romano is also willing to see me on weekends and nights, for which I am grateful.

(I figured that there is enough Obama love and Obama dislike here, so I'm done talking about it. I see people sick of it, I see people still loving it, I'm still in the middle giggling about the little things. But the amount of hate and love in equal proportions still astounds me. It's either "You're all idiots for liking him" or "You're all idiots for not liking him." So I will be nice and not discuss whether or not I honestly like the new president.)


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