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You guys, I amaze myself. I've been writing helter skelter all over the place: Novel, stories, novellas, blogs, facebook, notebooks with various pens, everywhere... in the middle of a postictal migraine and insanely horrific agonizing chronic pain flare-up following recovery from a panic attack. If I didn't have a computer or paper I might write on the walls. I hurt so badly I have no idea what I'm doing. I feel half fire and half water. Wild and raging, and all I want is a crackling bonfire and a rushing river.
I doctored up a photo of myself and it came out half gold light and half blue light. It looks inhuman. But part of me adores it so much. My face is two different parts. I am two entities in one. When I burn, I am cool. When I am cool, I burn. It is ying yang, dragon phoenix, up and down, left and right, I don't even know. I don't speak out loud except to my cats, I just speak through Story. So much Story inside me.
That rock. That rock that my husband gave me, the rock that he held while standing in Room 217 of the Stanley Hotel, in which Stephen King wrote "The Stand" and used as an inspiration for "The Shining". That rock is still next to my laptop. I am covered in words. I am filled up with Words. I may disappear into Story. I may not even see the world until I have to.
Is this what it is like to live in the land of the Fae and then come back to the land of humans?


Maybe it was the super moon. Maybe it is the heat from the sun now. Maybe it is anything.
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...because I have no idea if anyone is watching this show.

I knew it! Sarah and Helena were the twins. That's why Sarah could have biological children while the (other) clones were sterile.
I still believe Sarah and Helena are the Original Experiments, and that Kira has that healing factor because of all the insanity in Sarah's DNA. No wonder any offspring of either Sarah or Helena would be... superpowered, essentially.

I honestly have no clue why I love the show so much. It airs right after "Doctor Who" on BBC America, so I keep on with it just because. But it's getting so freaking awesome. I hope Season Two gets awesomer. I hope my theory about Sarah is correct.

Into Tired

May. 26th, 2013 01:14 am
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Adam took me to see Star Trek Into Darkness. IMAX 3D. (IMAX 3D somehow tasted like red push pins or thumb tacks. I don't make up these rules, I just synesthete them.)
I still stand by this previous observation:
However, having seen the thing (and giggled and eyerolled and also snickered during the famous "reverse radiation" scene) I can say that it really was enjoyable for what it was. A simple alternate universe Kirk era Star Trek with different stuff happening. Errors and complaints noted. Also, OW MY PHYSICS quite often. And also, Kirk's famous speech at the end and the nice segue into the original Star Trek theme was lovely, and I did clap a bit.
(I get that people were really outraged that Khan was played by a Caucasian British guy. Because Ricardo Montalban's Khan was a South Asian character played by a Latino actor. So, white actor = not a good idea. Lots of people wrote angry blog posts that basically all said... something something superhuman supremacist genetically perfect humans etc... I think? Or... or... migraine? I don't know, ow. I just know that Social Justice Issues Regarding Humans Versus Genetically Upgraded Superior Humans Versus Superior Humanoid Aliens Can Be Complicated.)
(Wait, wait. Also, what about the other 72 genetic upgrades? Especially since at the end, they were spoiler?)

Also, when we all got up to leave, my left side decided to show how hemiplegic it can get after three hours of IMAX 3D, and I dragged my left leg while clutching my purse handle in my left first which couldn't open, and Adam took my right hand and we walked slowly behind Charlotte and Billy until we got to the parking lot. While Adam stopped at Charlotte and Billy's car to chat, I hobbled to our car and got in and buckled in and waited for sensation and mobility to kick back in. It was better by the time we got home twenty minutes later. It took two full hours to really come back, and then it was like fire ants. I always hate that part.

Hemiplegia, hemiparesis, and hypertonia all at once sucks, guys. Try to avoid it.
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Oh. Oh, dear.
...I don't think I can pay to see this movie anymore.
I mean, sure, it is probably extremely enjoyable. Yes. And I know the Io9 article was very tongue in cheek. But still. You know?
Besides, I heard it was very loud and literally irritating in theaters and my hypersensitivity with sensory processing disorder hates that.

Now, with the first movie, Adam and I were able to facepalm and repeat "It's just fiction, it's just fiction... OW MY SCIENCE. It's okay, it's okay, it's just fiction... OW MY PHYSICS." And after we stopped comforting each other and rocking back and forth (I kept stroking his hair and whispering "It's okay, sweetie, emphasis on the fiction...") we were able to giggle about it and be amused overall and say it was a very highly enjoyable film for what it was, because a lot of stuff was still very very awesome. But with "Into Darkness"... I dunno, guys. I don't know. Someone please tell me why the movie is awesome enough to love? I want to enjoy it despite all the crazy motherfucking flaws mentioned. But... you know... ow, my science?

To make myself laugh really hard, I shall just enjoy this commercial for the ninth time.
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Ah, a story to flesh out. With... help, maybe?
This is a story I've been tinkering with for a bit, which I put away for a bit, and I found it again, and and and I really want to continue it and finish it. Short story, novella, small novel, I don't know. Would someone be willing to help??

Read more... )
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I have astounded myself by realizing how many of these tips I have NOT been following. And that realization has now crystallized in my skull and now I know so much better and now I know everything I want to do.
Dude. Whoa.

However, endings are easier than middles for me. I have the worst problems getting from Start to End. I've had my novel's ending in my head for years, but the problem with writing a novel is that there has to be that Middle so other people know why the End happens.
Characters are easy. My college thesis was the first three chapters of that novel, on which I got the highest grade, and I was praised for how the story centered so much around characters in a future world where some technologies needed explaining, although at this point not really, because every single 22nd century technology I wrote about in 2001 has already happened, except the cars that drive automatically, although I'm waiting. Also, the fact that my story's 22nd century science is already happening means I am not creative in the least with science fiction. Which is why I never like to write about brand new technology, which is why I would be shuffled into a future fantasy subgenre and also a slipstream speculative subgenre, even though most the stories would always take place after the end of the 21st century and there would always be psionics involved which is still considered a trope of science over fantasy fiction.
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How you know you can tolerate and love me:
Get comfortable and preferably join in while I watch the Futurama episode "Where No Fan Has Gone Before" on repeat while mouthing the dialogue, while I also wonder out loud what it must have been like for the actors in the recording studio, such as who messed up the most takes by laughing so much. Plus all the inside jokes.
And then I shall start talking about animated versions of Babylon 5. Especially certain characters' heads in jars at the Head Museum. Because, you know, Walter Koenig. And the comment about "Look at Walter Koenig. After Star Trek, he became an actor." Smirk, cough Alfred Bester Psi Corp cough*
And then, of course, get comfortable while I start Netflixing Babylon 5. And later, My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic. You think I'm kidding.
This is not the height of my nerdity, but it is close.
Also, I still need to find that Bab5 Psi Corp book series. Hello, Ebay, maybe?
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My wish and desire for tonight's Dreaming:
To be in a dimension where I have no body and can change shape at will, and where my syndromes are astral Creatures that I can battle with a glowing psychic sword named Serenity that can transform into energy shapes of all sorts and skills.
That is all I know for now. I wish and desire for many things.
Baby steps, Annie. Always.
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fan·tas·tic   [fan-tas-tik]
1. conceived or appearing as if conceived by an unrestrained imagination; odd and remarkable; bizarre; grotesque.
2. fanciful or capricious, as persons or their ideas or actions.
3. imaginary or groundless in not being based on reality; foolish or irrational.
4. extravagantly fanciful; marvelous.
5. incredibly great or extreme; exorbitant.

So, my favorite Young Adult series is Kiersten White's Paranormalcy trilogy. The third book, 'Endlessly' will be out soon, and eventually there will be at least one movie. I've been reading Kiersten White's blog, and she is one of the most awesome people in the world - she's also my height, heh.

Recently, Kiersten wrote a post about how hard writing is, how it makes you bleed and sob and lose your mind some days. And I commented because I was so touched that she put it so well:

"Kiersten, thank you so, so, so so so so much for this post. It's what I needed. See, I've been working on this futuristic urban fantasy pagan polytheistic supernatural psychic power novel since I was 20 (I just turned 33) and I've almost finished it, but many, many things have derailed me. Illness and disability, mostly (I have a disability hearing in July and I'm so nervous I can't brain straight), and also growing up, because when you write, you always grow with your characters. And my characters have had over twelve years to grow, and dear gods, that feels like forever, doesn't it? Why can't I just finish it? Whhyyyyy? *cough*
There were many, many people who told me that I was writing a great book and that it would sell very well (lots of pagan readers out there, people getting tired of sexy vampires, whatever). But I have this shatteringly fragile sense of self that often rears up (especially after an epileptic seizure or a fibromyalgia flare) and points and laughs, "Ha, ha, you suck, your brain sucks, your book sucks, you will never be published, mwa ha ha..." And it takes me a while to do battle. I have a very pretty and deadly mental sword, though. I call her Phoenix.
So. Erm. Yes, well. I think I've said more than I'd expected to. Anyway.
Erm. Thank you. Yes! That's what I wanted to say. Also, that I pre-ordered Endlessly and am now clawing the couch the way my cat Luna does when she gets excited (get off the couch, Luna)."

The characters in this book are finally starting to yell again, so loudly that I can actually hear them, and I've been writing as hard as I can before the blocks rise again. Pulling myself away to work on the short stories has been also fantastic.
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CoverGirl makes some surprisingly good lip products these days. Charlotte drove me to CVS to pick up a refill of Soma, and they were having a CoverGirl sale. In the past, I've never used that brand because I never liked the feel of the products. But I now have two of their new buttery lipsticks, a tube of their new natural foundation, and two of the new buttery stick glosses. Now I have one of their new lip stains. Plumping hydrating hyaluronic acid and actual staining. I got a dark red scarlet color that looks fantastic. Bravo, GoverGirl.

Adam and I have been watching Babylon 5 on Netflix. At one point we were asked why we watch the entire show over and over. Because Babylon 5 is fucking amazing. All the tiny details that I missed the first few times I watch all the seasons get picked up later. Really, the same could be said for Firefly and Farscape. They are among my top favorite science fiction shows. I will always have crushes on Delenn, Susan Ivanova, Lyta Alexander, Aeryn Sun, Chiana, Zoe Washbourne, River Tam, and Kaylee Frye.

Also, I got this:
It smells sweet and herbal and slightly medicinal, and it keeps the itching down and it doesn't hurt my scars during massage. I don't have psoriasis, but it doesn't matter, and the name is just for marketing anyway. Also, I can never pass up anything containing sea buckthorn oil.
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Got bored, went looking around for short science fiction and fantasy stories to read online. Found two that were very well-written.
Currently reading more from the science fiction section. Didn't really like the fantasy section much.


Aug. 9th, 2009 05:02 pm
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"Who cares what label gets attached to it? If it's a good story that makes you think, then it's good speculative fiction. If it doesn't make you think then, well, it's just entertainment."

And this is why my novel in progress is science fantasy, and why all those hard SF authors who turn their noses up at fantasy can stare at my middle finger.
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One of my favorite authors, Catherynne M. Valente (she wrote the stunning Palimpsest), stands up for fantasy writers who are often "looked down upon" by some science fiction writers and readers.
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Also, I've bookmarked the Glossary Of Science Fiction Terms. Yay for Electric Monks!
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Last night with the new plasma TV. Having downloaded the latest "Doctor Who" episode, "Utopia" (yes, still too impatient for July), we start to watch it and the first scene is chaos. The Doctor and Martha in the TARDIS which is going nuts, the Doctor says in shock, "We're going too fast through time. We're heading to the end of the universe!"
I glance up and remark, "End of the universe, huh? I hope they brought snacks."
"Don't worry," Adam says. "There's a restaurant."


No spoilers, and a reference to two brilliant science fiction creations in one. Yay.

"Utopia" was phenomenal and unbelievably edge-of-seat breathtaking -- but not as awesome as "Blink" (then again, I don't think any episode is more awesome than "Blink").


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