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Oh, those little moments, those brief windows of choice and chance...

I took the bus to the Redland Road shopping center, walked to the post office to drop off a care package for an online friend, and walked back into the shopping center to get an eyebrow wax at Karen's Salon. As I walked past Hair Cuttery, I figured it was time for a new look. I asked for a mix of Redken's Cappucino and Maple, a light and dark brown. The wonderful lady who took care of me suggested light, textured layers at the ends of my hair instead of my usual standard blunt straight trim. Biting my lip really really hard, I went for it. She flat ironed my hair, which had never been done, and then I held my breath as the scissor and comb gently fluttered through my ends. The results were stunningly astounding. I gave her a large tip.
I posted photos to Facebook and received so many compliments that my little ego flailed trying to figure out how many ways to say "thank you." People's jaws were dropping through comments like "Stunning!!" and "WOWZA" and "Rawr!" and "It really flatters you and it really brightens you! It really perks you up! Your features and gentle skin tone really stand out! Fantastic color! Layers take getting used to, but you add so much body when you add them in!!! I think you look incredible!"
And then... Naamah said this: "You look like a brilliant and tough librarian about to go on some crazy time-travel fairy-tale totally awesome journey. AWESOME look."
And it took off from there. And now the seeds of a story are planted not only in my head, but in Naamah's head. I'm going to scratch out a quick, simple outline, and someday actual flesh out a story, but it will happen.

The first photo that planted the story seed.

The next photo, which made me consider whispering, "I know all your secrets. I can see into your soul."

The last photo, which featured a voiceover by a witchy librarian.

"Why yes, the bizarre and arcane and occult books are here in this section. I must warn you: Some of them are hostile toward new people in our library. That's why I'll be coming with you. Only magic practicing librarians can handle the really strong books."
Oh, my jewelry? Nothing major. That's a ring of round lepidolite stones around a silver nickel pentacle with a round clear quartz stone, and the other is a round charoite stone that I can spin. And the other necklace has an amber cabochon in a pentacle circled by an ouroboros; the pendant behind that is a vermeil lotus mandala butterfly pentacle charm. I'm a soul healer and a dimensional seer; the stones help me see things beyond the veil that most people are never aware of. That's why the other librarians call me the Moonlight Witch. Oh, don't touch that book. It's skittish and full of languages that humans were never meant to comprehend. If you tell me exactly what you're looking for, I can open it and translate for you."

Two new photos, which my Facebook friends are raving over for some reason.

Posing with paintings by my father and my husband.

A less shaky version.

"Just your friendly magic practitioner librarian in a library that holds portals to various worlds, realms, dimensions, and universes. Can I help you find something? I specialize in the interdimensional metaphysical magic section. The children's room there is probably the simplest place to start."

Stories come from everywhere. Just keep looking.
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Obvious observation is obvious! We have Weather in Gaithersburg and Rockville. We have pounding rain and howling wind. I needed to mail a letter, so I put on a weather-resistant coat and walked the 90 seconds to the parking lot mailbox and the 90 seconds back to the townhouse. My hair was soaked which I didn't care about; my boots, socks, and jeans got soaked, which I didn't care about. Whatever. Also, yes, we have electricity and everything.

Also, I learned that if you apply a few coats of nail polish, wait five minutes, and then stick your hands in the freezer for five minutes, the polish will dry and harden much faster. Naturally, this may come with risks for people like me, with Raynaud's Disease, fibromyalgia, hypersensitivity, Sensory Processing Disorder, and plain old severe dislike of coldness. However, it works, so I deal with it.

Adam and I went to Wal-Mart yesterday to buy me a back brace, a knee brace, and an elbow brace. And I had... well, a social encounter. I know I'm not supposed to *ahem this is un-PC* Feed The Crazies. But she followed me and yelled at me, and in my mind, feeding her knowledge was the right thing to do.

I was browsing the health and beauty section for my favorite hairbrush, and a woman came up, looked at my cane, looked at me, and said, "So, since you're disabled, who are you voting for?"
After a few seconds of blankness, blinking, and turning this phrase over and over, I said, "I am voting for who I want to vote for."
The lady said, "Okay, but do you have kids or do you want kids?" And I said, "No, I am too disabled for pregnancy and I also don't want kids."
The lady said, "Oh, I bet you're one of those people who supports abortion, like if you got pregnant you would kill the baby just because you're selfish and evil."
Again, there were a few seconds of blankness, blinking, and absorbing the phrasing. I said, "Well, I am firmly pro-choice because I believe in the option, ability, and freedom of every human being to make personal decisions on what to do with their own bodies. This includes choosing to keep a pregnancy as well as terminate a pregnancy. I choose to not have a pregnancy due to severe anxiety, phobia, medical problems, and no desire whatsoever to be pregnant. That is my own personal decision. I would not attempt to ever push my personal decision on anyone else."
The lady sneered and said, "So if you got pregnant, you would murder a baby just because you don't feel well and you don't want it. I don't care how handicapped you are, I hope Satan pulls you into hell by his own hand, and God will laugh."
I took a very deep breath. I forced myself to smile. I reached out to the hairbrush rack and grabbed the hairbrush I'd been after, a Goody So Smooth Boar Blends Ceramic Style Brush. I looked at the lady, smiled widely, and said, "Well, it was nice talking to you. I'm off to find my husband. He should have my special braces for my back, knee, and elbow now. Have a good day!"Before she could say another word, I walked off as quickly as my limp and cane allowed.
She did get the last word, though. At the top of her lungs she howled "Sinner. God hates you! He will judge you, cripple! He will hate you for eternity!"
Oh, gods, I wonder what would have happened if I had told her Iwas not religious, ethnically Jewish, and a polytheist pantheist pagan witch.

The amusing part was that every single person within earshot stared at her open-mouthed, and then stared at me, whom she was pointing at. A couple of people walked beside me and said, "Oh, honey, are you okay? We heard everything. We're on your side, you know. That is a beautiful pro-choice argument."
I smiled, relieved, and said, "I'm fine. And it's not so much about choice. It's about ability and freedom, and personal responsibility, no matter how a woman views a pregnancy. Maybe she is right. Maybe I am selfish. But I would rather save my own body and mind, you know?" I was told, "And that's fine. I've never understood how that could be a bad thing. You don't want pregnancies or children. That's not a bad thing. Getting an abortion if you believe it is necessary is not at all a bad thing. I just wish it wasn't such a political issue. Hell, if I had a uterus and a vagina, I would fight for the same thing!" The man gently patted my shoulder and the woman asked if she could hug me. Getting a hug from a kind stranger can be so wonderful.

Finally, I met up with Adam and his cart. I had also bought a bunch of socks, the No Nonsense brand. Super comfort.

I also need to find more Goody So Smooth Boar Blends Boar/Ceramic Styler Brushes. They seem to be rare these days. Goody Also makes this awesome similar brush called Smooth Penetrate Quick Drying Boar Bristle Brush, which us silver instead of brown. Good stuff. I love brushes that blend boar and plastic bristles.
Ooh, and the Body Shop makes a brush with all bamboo brushes, nice and thick Olivia Garden makes a brush with part boar and part bamboo bristles, which I've had for a while, and as long as I keep using my trusty brush cleaner it will last for quite a while.

Oh, I hurt. I hurt so much I don't even want to describe it. But you knew that.
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Note to self: When a major depression episode during a fibromyalgia attack strikes, get a wooden bristle hairbrush or an ionic tourmaline hairbrush and start a long deep scalp massage. Focus on the endorphin rush. So silky. So shiny. So strong. It really does help as much as an endorphin rush can help. If I have to brush my hair until my arms are sore and weak, I will. I love my hair. So much. My beautiful Mediterranean hair. I will grow it as long as possible, maybe to the middle of my back, just above my waist. I take so much pride in my hair.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, an old friend who shared my love of wood hairbrushes told me she was going to send me a gift, but she refused to say what. Now I know what it is. And I am completely in love, ecstatic, and kind of stunned.

The painted Modern brush with the orange bristles is being kept like a treasure in a silken bag, while the colored blue brush is next to my computer, so I can massage my scalp whenever I want. Oh, so beautiful. So expensive, but understandably so. I massage my palms and my soles with the bristles as well, and it produces some amazing sensations. Perhaps I can include these brushes in my personal therapy.

I will climb out of this knowing how much I am loved.
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I just wanted to say that I love my hair. The texture is behaving beautifully. My hair is soft and shiny and has turned into gorgeous silky little waves instead of weird dry frizz.
Also, my skin is starting to really look amazing because of all the care I've taken, just like the hair care. I think I have Earths Own Bath And Body to thank for that, with all the moringa and awesome oils and butters and flower extracts. And obviously I have to thank the Chromatics hair dye, since there is nothing like it anywhere and it is the best hair dye ever, and the Natural Medium Brown is so perfect for my complexion, which I am learning to love more and more.
Feeling good about my inside makes me feel good about my outside, and naturally that glow shines through even when I don't see it. I feel awesome and beautiful in a whole new way. I am a magic pixie girl! My magic may come in all forms, but it will always be rooted in nature and spirit and self. I know who I am, and I am shiny!
So yeah, I totally adore my hair.

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So, Nicole at the Ulta salon in Rockville is the best hair stylist I've had in years. We changed my color to Natural Medium Brown, via Redken Chromatics, since the previous shade was too warm, and we both agree that it matches me perfectly. I look like almost every Italian and Greek woman in my father's family. I don't plan on dyeing my hair again for at least a year since this is perfectly perfect.

Also, Luna had decided that Mama needed to be groomed from forehead to hands, so I got her to nuzzle my face long enough for the webcam's three second timer. Then she proceeded to lick my whole face and both hands until it tickled.

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This is my "Yes, I am quite awesome, thank you!" photo.

The new haircolor is still Redken Chromatics, but now a warm natural medium brown. More golden brown, less auburn, like my hair back when I was seven through eleven, before I got a pixie cut and then hit puberty. My hair then turned from stick straight to very wavy and medium golden brown. I still don't know how I had bright fiery auburn hair when I was five. Maybe I was a calico of some sort.
My celebratory treat to myself is Too Faced Exotic Eyeshadow in Midnight Mist. It goes from shimmery metallic dark blue to shimmery metallic dark purple depending on how I move. In fact, Midnight Mist almost exactly matches an eyeshadow that I saw in a dream I had a few days ago, so the price was worth it - although I got $4.00 off because I'm an Ulta member.
I figured I deserved a cosmetic product that flowed the way I flow. Things are changing and I am flowing in many directions at once.

Adam will be away overnight, back home, and then off again from Saturday to Wednesday. There is plenty of food and stuff for me in the meantime, and I have cash now. Tomorrow I'll be making phone calls to pain specialists, orthopedists, and psychiatrists until I can make appointments. Fascinating things are happening. And while I am no longer constantly anxious in a bad way, I am anxious about my future in a good way. Unsure of which directions I should go, trying to figure out how I want to let my new life unfurl. The roller coaster is so much smaller and not so scary now. It is going to be an amazing ride.
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FYI - the photo below is of me during one of the absolute worst pain flares in months (migraine, vertigo, fibromyalgia, tactile allodynia, temporal lobe epilepsy seizure auras, cerebral palsy complications, sensory integration dysfunction, hypersensitivity, spastic hypertonia, fatigue).
If I wasn't wearing concealer and lipgloss, I might look slightly dead. Which is why I wear makeup all the time. Not for the public, but for me, not wanting to appear slightly dead.
I used to hate cosmetics as a teenager, which bothered my fashion designer mother. Now I consider makeup color essential. Especially if it helps me appear less exhausted and enhances the pretty.

Also, I have so many pills in me that it's silly, but I need to stay upright until bedtime. Prescriptions, vitamins, minerals, herbals, whatever else. Stretching and massage made it worse. Shower made it better for a while.

(Random thought: Also, I love my hair so much. It is finally obeying and doing what I want. It could be the organic shampoos and intense organic lotions all with specific ingredients, and maybe the gentle brushing with various ionic tourmaline ceramic brushes, who knows. It almost glows. I love touching it. I'm going to grow it to my waist if I can. Concentrating on pampering myself, when I am physically and mentally able, makes me feel better, when it's possible, because I can barely apply eye makeup without shaking.)

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Well, I just proved a theory by experimenting on myself:
Certain topical botanicals and nutritional supplements really, actually do help my hair grow faster.
One month ago, I got two inches cut off my hair after having it colored with the newest color technology which promised intense vibrant color saturation. I experimented with those botanical treatments and vitamins and herbal supplements on a daily basis. One month later, my hair is three inches longer and still vibrantly colored at the ends. My roots are vibrant, too, which makes no sense, but hey, science?
Which fascinates me, because a. most human hair only grows half an inch per month and b. even though hair grows faster in warmer weather it's not by much. My personal conclusion: Three inches in a month is insane and unbelievable and kind of implausible. But I was there when it happened, whether it's true or not. I blame quantum magic.
Also, I don't know if it will work on anyone else. Maybe my success was just a weird fluke. Biology and chemistry is made of crazy weird magic.
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My everything hurts and it is going to rain a lot. This happens.
"Make sense? Oh, what fun is there in making sense?" -Discord, MLP:FIM
Also, John de Lancie will come back in Season 3. But shh, he didn't mean to say it.

Seriously, guys. Seriously, it is not fucking zombies. Shut the hell up, Internet. I have enough nightmares. I'm not paying attention anymore.
The only zombie media I want to hear about is the "Newsflesh Trilogy" by Mira Grant. So I'll be doing my best to scroll past any other alarmist articles, posts, and pictures about flesh-rotting walking dead people. I hate media-bloated flesh-rotting walking dead people. Because screaming nightmares, that's why.

My hair is still awesome. The color is so similar to how it was in my childhood that I actually feel youthful in a way. And my shampoos have had powerful oils and botanicals that keep color sealed in. My conditioners have been body lotions and face lotions with peptides, nourishing extracts, superfruit oils, and all sorts of moisturizers and they make my hair feel like the softest silk ever. I am very happy.

My cream concealer from Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques has been making my skin feel like silk as well, and has also been fading any blemishes and pimples and such. The coverage is fantastic, the price is right, the amount of product is excellent. Etc etc. ( and
Also, the full coverage foundation from 100 Percent Pure is also wonderful, and I actually found a cheaper place to buy it. ( Yay!

Ah, MSM and Hyaluronic Acid. Awesome supplements. I've been feeding them to Adam to try and help his sacroiliitis, since the sacroiliac joint is synovial, and hyaluronic acid is found in synovial joint fluid. Hopefully the combination, plus magnesium, calcium, and vitamins, will work alongside the Aleve and Vicodin. It breaks my heart to see him in so much obvious pain.
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On my way to my hair salon appointment at Congressional Plaza, I stopped at the nearby Fresh Market store, which had replaced the Whole Foods last year. I found several teas and beverages I couldn't find anywhere else, and also fresh chunky chocolate chip cookies. Also, a chicken pesto goat cheese wrap. Yay!
My hair salon appointment went wonderfully. Best haircolor decision ever. Redken Chromatics Gold Mocha Medium Brown.

Seriously, it's like mocha with gold flecks. They say the color is multi-dimensional, which unfortunately does not mean that it gives me the power to travel to multiple dimensions. However, the colors shine like whoa. I feel like a model in a hair product advert. Best hair dye product ever.

Also? Those brushes and combs that are infused with tourmaline, ceramic, and ionic technology actually work. My hair went from frizzy and dehydrated as though I were a cat caught in a downpour, to smooth and shiny as though I'd been replaced with a multi-dimensional version of myself with permanently straight shiny silky satiny smooth glowing hair that glittered and granted wishes. No, wait, that's the silly dream I had last night.

Also: I finally found a teal eyeshadow that works for me: Hijack by Urban Decay, which is described as a metallic glittery dark teal. Which will go well with that eyeliner I found, Sapphire by Buxom, which is described as a teal indigo shade. Both products are safe for sensitive skin. I am pleased.

*pets hair* Ooh, shiny, silky...


Oct. 26th, 2011 06:36 pm
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I had a bunch of coupons and discounts for Ulta, so I went. One of the sales associates was extremely helpful with everything. I didn't even know there was such a thing as a hairbrush with copper bristles. Awesome. I adore copper. I also bought a small ionic hair dryer to use with said copper brush. I'm going to wash my hair and try out the dryer tonight. I haven't owned a hair dryer since college. I'm so used to towel and air drying my hair. This should be fun! I also purchased BareMinerals Pretty Amazing Lipcolor in Bravado (brick rose red) and Courage (warm strawberry pink). Also, I saved, like, thirty dollars on the whole purchase. I spent barely anything. I had enough left over for a chicken shawarma, a pistachio baklava, and a Turkish coffee at the nearby Lebanese restaurant. Gods, do I love Turkish coffee; sweetened and creamy, of course.

Pain levels were high due to the rain, but I was very happy to walk around as much as possible.
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My mood yesterday:
I just need to push through the panic and run yelling war cries with shiny knives into the jungle. It's my jungle with my monsters and I get to slaughter how I see fit. I think it will help.

My mood today:
Today, I have slaughtered many psychic monsters in my mental jungle. I am still depressed and in phenomenal pain. But that is why I have medication, meditation, and cats. Especially cats. Yay cats.

I went out to King Farm in Rockville to deposit a check in my bank, then remembered that I had a coupon for Hair Cuttery. I needed my eyebrows waxed anyway. So I got an eyebrow wax and a full color dye for almost half the retail price. I chose the shade Mocha Java, because once I saw the sample in the color book, I realized that this was the color I wish could have been my natural hair color. I had been born with jet black hair, which changed to every shade of brown as I grew up. Mocha Java is very dark brown with neutral to warm tones, gently highlighted with gold. It really does look like the color of coffee. I am so happy with it. My new user icon show the color. The woman who worked on me, Vita, was wonderful and gentle and sweet, and we had some fantastic conversations. Vita didn't question my choice or try to talk me into a different shade, which I appreciated so much. I tipped her very well with cash and if I ever decide to color my hair again I will go back to her because I trust her.

Speaking of Mocha Java, I've made some fantastic coffee now that I've learned to use our little coffee bean grinder. My favorite beans come from Mayorga: Black And Tan, Sumatra, Mocha Java. Blended with the Chocoberry Antioxidant Drink Mix by Garden Greens and Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Cocoa Powder plus dark honey and raw sugar and Penzey Cinnamon Blend, my coffee just becomes awesome to me.

At Safeway, I checked out the yogurt section, and saw several cups of Liberte Mediterranee in Apple Crumble, my favorite. Oh, be still, my heart. I bought four cups, and they were so new to the store that they didn't even register. The cashier and I had to just guess at the price, compared with Whole Foods. I don't care if Safeway has just one flavor, I'm just ecstatic that it's available.

Pain is still great, especially in my back. And my hips. And my knees. And my neck. The fatigue is massive. The world is like molasses. My muscles are exhausted. But I did have a good day. *nods*

For these photos, I am wearing 100% Pure Healthy Skin Foundation in Creme, BareMinerals Volumizing Mascara in Black, and Aveda Rehydrating Lip Glaze in Morning Rose. Also, a bright blue tee shirt. I do feel beautiful and bright.

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I had at least two complex partial seizures over the weekend that I remember. Sunday night was fairly memorable. I was running a fever, cramping from PMS, tired in general. I lost a couple of minutes, which was the seizure. I canceled today's psychotherapy session. I left messages for my doctors and my disability attorney. I stayed up for an hour more to monitor myself. I went to bed.
Adam came home at three in the morning, after working a sixteen-hour day in downtown DC. He was given today off to sleep and recover. We're hanging out and doing our thing. I'm groggy and wibbly-wobbly and drained and achy and sore and still PMSing (bleeding starts this Wednesday) and etcetera. Time for more pills. Also, I seem to be handling the Zoloft well. Not even a week out and I'm still not experiencing serious side effects, just small ones. I will keep going.

The cats were all over us this morning in bed. Rose plopped herself down on my right side and penned me in, while Jupiter settled down on my left side and propped himself up on my torso, purring madly when we scratched his head and stroked his back. Luna was still in her bed on top of Adam's dresser, but she came down to sit on Adam for a while. Much purring.

I'm still very satisfied with the new haircolor. The decision to go into the salon was completely spontaneous. I do remember, on Saturday morning, looking in the mirror and thinking how dull and tired I seemed. Washed out. I was tired of the faded red color from last summer. I was thinking about how I might have looked had I inherited Dad's black hair instead of Mom's medium brown hair. I was thinking that I could buy a couple of boxes of very dark brown hair dye myself and ask a friend to help. I was thinking I might wait to have it done professionally instead. When I went to the King Farm center to run my errands, I hadn't been thinking about my hair. But then I found the Hair Cuttery coupon in my purse, and why not, I was already there. I just really needed that change. Funny how a new haircolor makes a difference like that.

Having such strikingly dark hair makes me feel confident and cool about myself in a way I have not felt in years. Like I could face the night, the pain, the shit in life, and be all right. Although that could mostly be the Zoloft talking...

Me in Maple

Jun. 5th, 2011 01:34 pm
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Since people are interested, here are some photos of the new haircolor, taken the day after the appointment.

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I think I just really needed a change.
I went to the King Farm shopping center in Rockville to make a bank deposit and spend some coupons at Safeway. I then realized I had a coupon for Hair Cuttery, so what the hell, why not. I went and got my hair colored. The coupon applied to one of the package deals, so I went for the color, shampoo, conditioning, cut, and blowdry package.
I was wavering between colors like Mocha Java, Maple, Cappucino, Espresso, and Chocolate. The Maple seemed the prettiest. A warm dark golden brown with random highlights, like a shimmer. I always like to go one shade darker than intended, knowing that as the color fades and lightens it will settle in more naturally with my pale skin tone. The fact that I was born with jet black hair that lightened over the years always makes me feel like I can wear dark haircolors easily. The stylist, Nanda, had big strong hands and she was extremely thorough when applying the dye, meticulously thorough, which I complimented her on. When it came time to rinse and condition, she basically gave me a vigorous total head massage. It was great. She trimmed off no more than an inch just like I asked, and the blowdry was as thorough as the coloring. I gave her a good tip. I chose the right color. Maple has a fascinating subtle golden shimmer and is just dark brown enough to make my paleness stand out. I'll be wearing a lot of dark pink and red lipcolors with alternating plum, charcoal, espresso, and bronze eyecolors now.
I spent the rest of my day with a bounce in my step, my head high, and a soft smile on my lips. I went to the Flower Hill shopping center and visited my usual salon for eyebrow waxing. The owner, Linda, is awesome and knows just what I want, and it's very cheap. At Giant, I bought a bottle of Pomegranate Acai Yumberry juice, and came home just as Adam called to say he was leaving work. I told him about my day but I left out the hair thing. He came home as I was boiling the mugwort noodles for the stir-fry. He noticed the hair immediately, hard to miss anyway, and approved, although he thought it was too dark. I told him it would lighten up enough over time, and that was the point. He thought the golden highlights looked strange and random, but I explained that it was supposed to be like that. The color is called Maple, after all.
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I ran errands today near the closest shopping center, and noticed that the local hair salon was offering sales and discount packages. And I realized I wanted to take a risk. I wanted to cut my hair. Not much, just a few inches, so it would still hang below my shoulders. I hadn't had my hair cut by a stylist in a very long time. I've been burned in the past. Stylists hadn't really listened to what I wanted. But I liked this place. Also, it was hard to pass up a discount package that included shampoo, deep conditioner, cut, blow dry, eyebrow wax, and one hair styling product.
The stylist was very sweet and she immediately asked me what I wanted in detail. I told her I wanted my hair trimmed completely even, straight across, no layers. So she shampooed my hair and applied a deep conditioner, and while the conditioner was sinking in, another woman waxed my eyebrows. The waxer did so amazingly well that I kept exclaiming over my eyebrows and gave her a big tip. She was able to completely match them, even with the uneven growth of my left eyebrow.
Then it was time for the trim. My stylist took her time, chatted with me about small things, and told me what she was doing every snip or so. She used a shine spray from a brand called It's A 10, and after reading the ingredients, I decided to buy that product as part of my discount package. It contains hemp oil, noni oil, red tea, argan oil, babassu oil, silk, and flower extracts. I told my stylist that red tea -- rooibos -- helps hair grow faster. We had a talk about the wonders of shea butter.
She took extra care in the blow-drying. When she was done, my hair looked and felt like silk. She had cut just over four inches off. It is officially the shortest it's been since 2005, but it's still longer than shoulder-length, which satisfied and pleased me. It feels weird and funny and fascinating, to have hair that doesn't touch the small of my back.
I know, I know, life is hard, whine whine whine haircut, my hair is shorter woe.

It's going to rain again, probably tonight. My knees and hips are throbbing. I am surprised and impressed that I don't have a headache. I'm going to finish writing this scene in my book, then read a bit more of one of the many new books I need to finish reading.
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If the headache would go away, maybe I could sleep.
If I could sleep, maybe the headache would go away.
Question mark. Caffeine. Muscle Relaxers! Also, herbal sleep aid.

My hair is now dark reddish brown, courtesy of two boxes of Garnier Nutrisse #452 Dark Reddish Brown aka Chocolate Cherry. Beca helped me out. She did a fantastic job. The color works beautifully with my skin tone. It's slightly darker than my natural color and with darker red highlights. Gods, my hair is long. I will now use shampoos and conditioners containing acai berry or black seed oil or sea buckthorn oil, to maintain vibrancy and health.

Adam is off again tomorrow. We shall run errands and clean house and hang out, because at any point he could be called away for days at a time. Such is the life of an IT/AV project manager computer technician in a computer rental company.

Rose and Luna are staring at me, possibly wondering why I am not in bed. They know the humans should be in bed. After the cat treats, yes.
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Gods, my hair has gotten long. I hadn't been paying attention. See, this is what happens when I quit trying to obsessively measure it and forget about it. My scalp muttered, "Oh, not caring anymore now, are you? Well, good. Here, have more hair already! Yeesh!"
It's exactly three inches shy of my waist. Which means that in three to six months, depending on how diligent I am about the supplements and oils, I'll have reached my goal. I've been reaching this goal for two and a half years, since the guy who trimmed my hair for my wedding trimmed it four inches too short.
I have this thing with my hair.
I had waist-length hair when I was fourteen. When I went to a summer camp for the first time, I was immediately known as "the tiny pale girl with all the hair." My hair was thick, wild, wavy, down to there, and full of its natural color, which was medium brown with red and gold highlights. To top it off, I had skin so pale that it pretty much glowed. In summer, it would get the barest hint of a gold tan. Either way, it made my eyes look even darker (one counseler called them "laser crystal eyes.") I had three or four boys attempt to declare their love for me. I was deathly shy and kind of oblivious to it all. At my parents' house in November, I'd found some photos from that time in camp. One of them showed me standing in the grass, wearing a pastel rainbow-print sundress, my hair spilling down my back, with a self-conscious smile on my face. And I thought, Okay, yeah, now I see it. Because fourteen was the year I blossomed. I was a very, very beautiful girl when I was fourteen (and I say this from the perspective of a different person). And yet I'd been so terrified of boys. My loss, I guess.
My mother wanted my hair shoulder-length or shorter, and every time I grew it out, she wanted to cut it. I suppose she thought my having shorter hair would give me a more sophisticated look. I think I was trying to make up for the mistake I made when I was ten: I decided to get my hair cut into a pixie style, because I saw it on the cover of a book. At that time, my hair was completely straight and very dark. I had bangs. It was a good look. But I kept insisting. The pixie cut was what I wanted. So I got it. And then, when it grew out, my hair was no longer stick-straight. It had become that wild and wavy mess, and had gotten lighter, with highlights. Mom said it was due to puberty setting in, that my hair might have changed texture and color anyway. I was crushed. I had no idea what to do with this new wavy hair. So I started growing out the bangs. By my fourteenth birthday, I was just letting it loose.
When I was fifteen, Mom started having dreams about a young woman with red hair. She started painting that woman a lot. She decided that the woman represented me. So she suggested that we dye my hair red. This went on until college, when I started going back to various shades of brown and auburn. I kept my hair at the length of my shoulder blades, since it was easier to manage, but I missed having waist-length.
This past summer, I went to a stylist and asked her to color my hair as close to its natural color. So that's where it is now. It has its red and gold highlights and it is slightly less wavy, which suits me just fine. I am obsessive-compulsive about caring for it, so it's straighter and sleeker and much much softer now. Bunny fur. Organic products all the way.
And it's almost down to my waist.

hair ever

Jul. 29th, 2007 01:07 pm
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Oh, and this.
Adam needed a haircut, and Kat wanted snacks, and the Hair Cuttery is next to the CVS in the local shopping center. After Kat and I got our chocolate and tortilla chips and everything, I met Adam in the Hair Cuttery, where the lady was just finishing off his cut. He offered to pay for me to get a trim. A thin, tall, smiling Asian guy asked me how much I wanted. I told him just a tiny trim, just the dead ends. I confessed that the last time I had let a professional stylist take scissors to my hair was in May 2005, a week before my wedding, when the stylist chopped off four more inches than I'd wanted. After that I was always worried that a stylist just wouldn't listen and take off several inches instead of the half an inch I always wanted. I bought stainless steel shears myself and would snip tiny bits off my own hair every couple of months. But it was usually uneven and certainly not professional. I wanted to grow my hair to my waist, and taking off four inches wouldn't help. But this guy understood. After he washed my hair and sat me in the chair, he said, "I'm only taking off this much, I promise," and held his fingers a little more than half an inch apart. I smiled, grateful. And that was just what he did with my hair. He was professional; he took it in sections, he combed it out, he sleeked it down. And he told me to look behind me at the floor, and the tiniest snips of hair were scattered there. I thanked him profusely. I think he will be the only one I wanted trimming my hair from now on.
So, yeah, I say this because I have what I like to call "haircut anxiety" and this guy helped me get over that by actually doing what I wanted. My hair feels awesome.


Jul. 14th, 2007 08:19 pm
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Showing off )

Redken Shades EQ Hair Color Gloss
04NB Maple - (Medium Neutral Brown) Adds balanced warm tones on light to dark brown hair.

This is just a few shades darker than my natural color. Like my natural color, it has gold running through it like sunlight. As it fades, it'll blend in with my roots, which is exactly what I want.
The Hair Cuttery at the shopping center near my house uses professional Redken products, and this particular dye has very little smell, and is the most gentle professional hair dye I've used. It's been over a year since I've gone to a salon to get my hair colored. She had to charge extra because my hair is "midback and longer" -- my hair is now past the point where my bra strap rests. Yes, I am still growing it to my waist. Yes, it is a lot of hair.

Oh, yes, and the new glasses. As long as I need to wear glasses anyway, I might as well get frames I like. They're from They're children's frames (frame 3139) -- I have a tiny head. And because they're children's frames, there are cat faces on the hinges.


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